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​We welcome one-off and regular donations from individuals, churches, corporations or other interested organisations.

You can have confidence that your donations will be efficiently and effectively used in Faisalabad:

- Agape Charitable Foundation Pakistan is a fully regulated non-profit charity controlled under the Pakistan Societies Reg Act XXI of 1860 with Reg No: RJSC/FSD/1228

- Agape Pakistan is led by an experienced group of professionally educated Pakistan nationals working on a voluntary basis so all your money goes straight where it is needed.


We are still bootstrapping ourselves into existence.
and are not yet able to offer tax efficient giving. ​We will let you know when we are able to offer this with the UK and the US likely to be available first.

We also plan to set up online giving in the near future.

However, we still need your support to get this vital work started. So, in the meantime, please email the details of your offer of financial support and we will discuss the best ways of getting your regular or one-off gift to the Pakistan Bank Account of Agape Charitable Foundation Pakistan.



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