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We are a small, grass-roots charitable foundation based in Faisalabad in Pakistan.

We are all volunteers with a passion to support orphaned and needy children and their carers from the culturally Christian community of our city. These people are often overlooked by mainstream charitable activity in our country.


Our key leaders are Fouzia and Tahir who live in Samanabad district with their two children (see photo above). Tahir is a social worker and Fouzia a project officer for a Pakistan Community Development Organization. Other members of our seven person board are experienced professionals in education, health care and accountancy. They too all live in Faisalabad.

Our initial focus is primary education, primary health, and Christian education for 50 children from 5 different areas of Faisalabad.

Our longer term vision is to establish care and accommodation for 50 homeless orphans through the creation of an orphan center in Faisalabad.

In time it is hoped that this program might be established in other centers in Pakistan.

Agape Charitable Foundation Pakistan is a non-profit charity registered in March 2013 in Pakistan under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860. Our registration number is RJSC/FSD/1228. 

Why the name "Agape"?

New Testament Greek is a rich language when it comes to describing "love". "Agape" is that selfless love personified by the Lord Jesus and beautifully described by Paul in 1 Corinthians 13. With your help we are putting selfless "agape" love into practical action for orphaned and needy children in Faisalabad.    

What we believe

While not formaly affiliated to the organisation, we aim to live and work in a way that is consistant with the Basis of Faith of Scripture Union International.

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